Scrapbook Space: Gretchen Schmidt

29 Nov

By now you’re probably deep in creative holiday giving mode. And what better way to spend your time over the cold winter months than in a warm and inviting creative space? This month’s scrapbook space is a peek into Gretchen Schmidt’s wonderful room!

I had the opportunity to ask Gretchen a few questions about her fabulous space. And here are her answers:

1. Where is your space located in relation to your house?
My scrapbook room is in what would be the formal dining room. When we purchased this home, we knew we’d never use a formal dining room so we planned on making it my scrapbook room. It’s right off the kitchen which makes it nice when I’m trying to multitask between dinner and a project, it also makes it so I am very accessible to the kids and can hear just about everything in the house. The room can be seen when you walk in our front door (which can be quite a conversation starter), on the other side of my scrapbook room is the formal living room (which we’ll also never use for it’s intended purpose) so it’s pretty much an open space.
2. How did you determine the layout or design of this space?
The design of the space is dictated by the room itself because I am missing a wall and another wall is pretty much a great big window. When we remodeled and added the cabinets, I lucked out when my husband found me what used to be a receptionist desk, it fits the main wall perfectly. I wanted everything to have clean lines, not be cluttered, and be as simple as possible. I wanted everything to be accessable but not have everything out in the open and seen.
3. What color is on the walls?
The paint color we used is called Pear Green and we did it in an Eggshell finish. It’s Wal-Mart’s Color Place paint.
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4. Can you give us some tips on how and why you store things the way that you do?
I tried to set up my area in the order I choose items when I scrapbook. I pick photos from storage albums that are in the upper black cabinets, I pick papers which are on the black counter top and then move onto my main work surface. The main surface has items stored in groups. Examples: All my alpha stickers are in one basket, all tags in one container, flowers in another, etc. My most used items are in my Making Memories Carousel and in small containers on my desk so I can grab what I need and get to work. I’ve got color drawers of embellishments hidden away under my main work space also. I also have two Jetmax cubes that hold scraps, non-alpha stickers, chipboard, and various refills. 
The black cabinets are mostly storage for lesser used items like office supplies, where I keep items to be altered, my sewing machine (and accessories), extra trimmers, extra cardstock, etc. I want items close by but they don’t need to be seen. The island is what I consider my stamping, punching, and die cutting station. Stamps and punches are stored there and die cuts are on my Expedit shelf. This way I can keep the mess there and use my main work area for project assembly.
5. When do you spend time in this space?


I’m in my space the majority of every week day and a lot during the weekends. This space is where I scrapbook, organize photos, answer emails, pay bills, and make phone calls. For all practical purposes, it’s my office and it also is my scrapbook room. With the natural sunlight and fun color on the wall it’s really a place I enjoy spending time. The dog likes to hang out with me too, she’s my scrapping buddy!
6. Are there any more details about this space that you’d like to share?


I love that everything is counter height because I like to stand while I create. The desk where my computer is was actually meant to be counter height too but since I wanted to be able to sit while on the computer, we improvised and added different legs. We made the island out of two cabinets and added a countertop. Also, I’m really happy that there is a corner piece to my main counter to really utilize the space, I think it really helps everything flow nicely.
We want to thank Gretchen for allowing us to take a peek into her creative space this month. To see some of the beautiful projects Gretchen creates in this room, be sure to check out her gallery here and her blog here. And make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday! Her birthday was yesterday!


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What a great scraproom!! I just love the wall color.


gretchen, your room is just lovely! tfs:)

Renee J.
Renee J.

Jen, this is great! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


This is so fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this!