Scrapbook Trends Award Winning Style: Kazan Clark

08 Aug

Every month in Scrapbook Trends Magazine, our Editor-in-Chief Pam Baird selects one designer who demonstrates an award-winning style. In our August 2011 issue, she selected Kazan Clark. Kazan has a detail oriented style with an eye for balance. I took the opportunity to ask her some additional questions so that we could highlight her and her work here on the blog.

Name: Kazan Clark (Pronounced “kuz-un”)


Tell us a little about yourself . . .
I first tried my hand at scrapbooking when my husband and I were married and moved to American from South Africa.

How long have you been making layouts and how did you get your start?
The bug had not quite bitten until I had my first daughter. Then it became a passionate hobby–almost overnight. She turned 7 in July so a little more than seven years and counting.

What are your favorite/essential tools?
I am partial to my Spellbinders die templates and the Grand Calibur die cutting machine.  Spellbinders makes Grand die templates which are perfect for scrapbook pages.  Cutting and embossing larger shapes with the Grand Calibur machine is super easy too.  Other tools that I reach for daily:  my Purple Cows paper cutter, Cutter Bees scissors, my Canon printer and a regular inch/centimeter ruler (I love hand stitching on my projects and use a ruler to punch out perfectly spaced holes on my scrapbook pages).

Where do you find inspiration?
Lately Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration to me.  I can spend a lot of time browsing categories marveling at the wealth of creativity in the design, fashion and food industries.  I am also a magazine-holic.  At night I love to read a few pages from a stack of magazines next to my bed.  I have pen and paper ready to jot down ideas before I go to sleep

Do you have any craft organization tips?
My friends may laugh because I can be very disorganized however I do like to keep a few things in order to make life a little easier when creating.

1. My Spellbinders die templates are organized into baskets according to their shape. All the squares are in one, circles in another etc.
2.  Patterned Paper is grouped by color. Cardstock too.  I keep new paper in a separate container.
3.  I keep my ribbon in containers separated by color.
4. After every project I clear my desk completely and put everything back in place.  Starting fresh on a clean organized surface is a good thing.
5.  When I submit projects to magazines I type  my supplies and instructions in a draft email.  That way I always have it at my finger tips should I need it for publication.

Can you share a tip with our readers?
Look at something you love – a flower, picture, design and ask yourself how can you recreate it using the supplies you have.  Sometimes creating with the things you have in your home, in a new and innovative way, is just as fun and exciting as owning the latest and greatest product.

We asked Kazan to share a recent layout with us:


We’d like to thank Kazan for giving us a little peek into her designing world! We’re always on the lookout for the next “Award Winning Designer.” Submit your work for a chance to win this prestigious title. You can find our latest calls here!







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Wahooooo! Congrats girl! So well deserved!


Congrats Kazan!! Beautiful layout!


HUGE congratulations, Kazan!!!

We knew she was a winner LONG AGO!! WOOHOOO~! WTG :) xo