WOW #134: DIY Polaroid Frames

18 Apr

Polaroid-style products are really popular right now in the scrapbooking world – and for good reason, they really are a fun design element.  You can purchase patterned papers, stamps, stickers, digital elements/frames, and even die-cut frames.  Today, I want to show you how easy it is to create your own polaroid-style frames.  Here’s all you need to get started:

* A square punch (you could actually cut a square with scissors or a craft knife or your paper trimmer as well, but a punch will make it fast and easy)

* A paper trimmer

* Cardstock or Paper

The process is so simple, I almost hesitate to share it…but I know how many of us are visual learners – so here we go:

Step 1: Punch a square from the cardstock

Step 2: Use the paper trimmer to trim around the punched out piece

Step 3: Make sure to trim three of the sides the exact same width

Step 4: Trim the bottom piece, making it slightly wider than the other three sides

Step 5: Repeat

It’s fun to experiment with different sizes and widths.

And don’t be afraid to use patterned paper too!

Now you have a stack of frames ready to hold photos, patterned paper, emebellishments, journaling, or whatever your heart desires! You could use these on scrapbook pages, cards, or any paper-crafted project.

If you try today’s WOW, we’d love to see – just leave a link to your blog post or gallery featuring your diy polaroid project in the comments below. :)

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The last photo has more length on the frame than the others.


Fun way to make the Polaroid frame. TFS

Debby J
Debby J

Love it!! I will use these when I get back from my trip and have tons of pics to scrap.

Nikki C
Nikki C

What a Fab idea thanks for sharing :)

Nikki C
Nikki C

That is such a great idea!!!! TFS