Scrapbook Space: Naomi Atkins

26 Nov

I am so excited to share today’s featured space with you!  Last month, Naomi Atkins was our “Award Winning Style” feature.  In the process of our interview, I was impressed with some of the comments Naomi made about her space and her organizational ideas.  I asked her if she would share her space with us – and she agreed!  Prepare yourself to be super impressed!!

Where is your space located in relation to your house? My space is part of my photography studio.  It is conveniently connected to my kitchen as well.  I love where it’s at! My kids play in the studio all of the time when I don’t have shoots, so they are out with me all of the time! I am also close to the kitchen, where i can be cooking, grabbing my coffee or chocolate (lol!!) and just taking care of the house! It allows me five minutes here, and five minutes there to work on projects! I also spend a lot of time at my computer editing photos. My computer is right behind the counter.  So when I’m in a particular tedious editing session, i like to take a quick break to work on projects! It works our perfectly! I knew I didn’t want a space upstairs, or isolated because with five children, i would never be in that room!

How did you determine the layout or design of this space? My space was originally only the black counter top and the two cabinets.. it was an old, very narrow mud room on the back of our farm house…  I begged my husband to make it into a scraproom for me and it was our FIRST project upon moving into our new home! I knew if we didn’t do it right away, it wouldn’t get done!! When we added the studio on, I knew I would really like to extend the craft room so it was one, big open room.  We knocked out the wall and supported the existing wall the heavy beams and added on! I kept all the existing counter/cabinets from my old scrap room and just added the front counter, which primarily holds business supplies.  But I like the extra counter space to work on!

What color is on the walls ? The walls are Universal Khaki and white :)

Can you give us some tips on how and why you store things the way that you  do? I have some of the IKEA 16 cube shelves that I store photo props and scrapbooking supplies in.  The scrapbooking one holds cardstock, some of my older paper collections that I can’t part with, and magazines and books.  I don’t touch this one often, because designing I have a lot of new things coming in.  I organize my paper by manufacturer in the white store towers that I got from a local store when they were downsizing.

The black and white 31 universal tote (it’s huge and I love it!!) hold my project life album and supplies.  I keep that in the tote so that I can take it with me when we go up to our cabin, etc.  That is the only portable srapbooking I do any more.. I just have too much stuff!

I also keep the supplies that I get in from manufacturers that I design for in a rolling cart, by month.

 I know that all of the supplies that I need to do certain projects are all in one place. Then when I’m done with those supplies, I add those things to my ‘stash’ and add the current items to the drawers.

I also have a lot of neat and unique storage items from hobby lobby.. I love hobby lobby! The wooden apothecary drawers hold lots of small embellishments such as brads, bling, wood veneers, small tags, etc.  I have the vintage drawer (green) that hold paper scraps and six by six pads..  The white vintage looking letter organizer also holds the latest and greatest new embellishments that I want to use and have them out where I can see them!

I store my buttons and ribbon stashes in clear glass or plastic jars so I can see what I have. They also look very pretty lining up the counter.

I keep supplies that I use often (tape, blue, edge punches, pens and mists) on the metal hanging buckets from IKEA and on the counter storage.

I also have a spinning tool holder from making memories, which I love! My sewing machine also stays out on my counter because i sew ALL OF THE TIME!

When do you spend time in this space? I’m in here a lot because it’s also my studio. But I can be in here when my kids are playing, and of course when they nap and go to bed! It works out well for me since I have a large family and need to be where they are at all times!

Are there any more details about this space that you’d like to share? Keep organized, keep supplies you want to use where you can see them, and clean up in between projects! I make so much of a mess while i’m working that it looks like my scrap room threw up.. But.. I clean up after every project before I start a new one! IT helps me stay somewhat in control! LOL!

Thank you so much, Naomi, for sharing your amazing space (and ideas) with us – in spite of this being your busiest time of year with your photography business!

Be sure to check out Naomi’s blog HERE for more ideas and to see her beautiful work!

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The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

Linda I.
Linda I.

Naomi, thank you so much for sharing your room with us! I love seeing and being inspired by other peoples craft spaces :).

Jennifer L.
Jennifer L.

Jealous! You couldn't get me out of there! Thanks for sharing!


You are so blessed to have such a wonderful centrally located space, and 5 children close by. I like your counter top, it looks neat and easy to clean and I could see myself rolling right up to it and starting a project. I like the wooden appothecary drawers, really vintage looking. Good for you.

Brenda B.
Brenda B.

Naomi, thank you for sharing your beautiful and well organized space. You have some clever and unique storage ideas!