WOW # 159: Paper Strip Christmas Tree

12 Dec

If you are like me, you have a whole bin or basket full of paper scraps just waiting to be put to use!  Here’s one fun way you can use up some of those scraps – create a set of colorful Christmas Trees.

These trees can be used as fun ornaments, gift tags, embellishments on gift boxes or even scrapbook pages or cards.  And they are super easy – easy enough for the kids to create.  Here’s how:

1.  Gather some of your paper scraps – you can use traditional holiday colors or not…whatever you want, anything goes!  I did try to choose paper scraps that were still 12″ across – just to make it easy, but you could definitely use smaller pieces if you wish.

 2. Cut the papers into 1/2″ strips.

3.  Cut a 12″ strip of white cardstock to the height you want your trees to be – I chose 3″ for mine.  (You don’t have to use white cardstock as the base – you can use anything – but if you’re using these as gift tags, the white is the easiest to see the handwritten names on the back)

4.  Now use adhesive to start placing the strips directly to the cardstock base.

5.  Use a ruler to mark the “triangles” for the cut lines.  I marked the top every 3″ and the bottoms at 1 1/2″ from the top/center mark.

6.  Cut the triangles.

7.  That’s it!  You now have a collection of coordinating trees.

You can stop here or you can add twine/ribbon to the top for hanging.

You can also add other embellishments if you wish – glitter, buttons, brads, etc.  Have fun and if you use this tutorial to create your own trees, we’d love to see!  Please share a link in the comment section. :)

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TracyM #6773
TracyM #6773

FABULOUS project - thank you for the tutorial and inspiration!!!


They look awesome! Wonderful idea, I have a big pile of strips left over from making cards!